We believe that there are lessons everywhere, but not blueprints. Learn from Toyota or Spotify or Herman Miller, but do not copy them.


Your company has a unique culture made of unique people that build a unique product for unique customers. Why would your process be from someone else's playbook? Your company's way-of-working is too personal and too important to just cut and paste from another company.

Organizational design requires participation from you.  It requires you and your teams to get together and define what is important, how you work together, what you want from your customers, and how you want to grow into the future.

We pull from a vast toolkit to help you define your culture now, build ways of working that support the culture you want, and to keep everyone engaged. 

If you want the toolkit it's here.  If you want the buzzwords, they are here.  But know this, tools only support the craftsperson - you have to care about your culture and use the tools responsibly.  Buzzwords help us communicate, but can be traps - bringing their own assumptions and roadblocks. Again, they must be used responsibly.

We can be buzzword compliant, but we are never buzzword bound.




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Jim Benson

Focus: Get the right things done at the right time with the least stress.

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Tonianne DeMaria

Focus: Finding the meaning in work through real customer value.


John von Seggern

Focus: Building the environment and business of learning.



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